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Can I apply for a child grant again after I cancelled it a few years ago?

The short answer

Yes, if your income is below a certain level

The whole question

In 2015 my husband got a job and I cancelled our child grant at SASSA because we were coping with my husband’s income. My husband is the sole provider of our family. However, our expenses have become too much for him to cover because he pays for the car loan and insurance, food, clothes, transport for our child and school fees. He is also building a house for us. Can I apply for a child grant again until we are financially stable?

The long answer

The child grant is a means-tested grant, which means that Sassa will only agree to pay the grant if your income is below a certain level. If you are married, the combined income of your husband and yourself cannot be above R96 000 a year (R8 000 a month).

If you need to contact Sassa, their hotline number is 0800 601 011.

Answered on June 12, 2020, 11:22 a.m.

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