Judge Makhubele is suspended … but still hearing cases

It is unclear why a judge facing impeachment was chosen to hear new matters concerning the executive


10 November 2020

Court rejects urgent bid to extend top-up grants

Millions of beneficiaries need the top-up to get by, argued Black Sash


2 November 2020

People pay R50 bribe to post office staff to get their R350 Covid-19 grant

Women cry from hunger and sleep outside waiting to be served


2 November 2020

Legal but reckless: Lending to social grant recipients

High interest rates are charged yet there is little risk to lenders

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29 October 2020

Covid-19 grant extended to January

But top-ups to other grants will come to an end, Finance Minister announces


28 October 2020

After years of missing deadlines government wants 18 more months to solve foster grant crisis

Tens of thousands of children yet again at risk of losing their grants


22 October 2020

SASSA determined to get back “every cent” owed by Cash Paymaster Services

CPS owes SASSA R1.5 billion, says spokesperson


20 October 2020

Water outage stops SASSA office processing grants

Social grant beneficiaries were turned away from the Zwide office in PE on Tuesday due to a burst pipe


14 October 2020

Foster-care bill will bring relief to thousands

Long-awaited, it is expected to be passed next week


7 October 2020

Cash Paymaster Services to go into liquidation

SASSA says CPS has no hope of rescue because it owes all its profits


29 September 2020

“Insolvent” Cash Paymaster Services must still pay back profits to SASSA, court told

Freedom Under Law says that although CPS is in business rescue, the company must still repay profits as ordered by the Constitutional Court


23 September 2020

Foster parents paid after “technical glitch”

About 6,000 grants were paid late in the Eastern Cape


17 September 2020

Report shows how lenders prey on social grant recipients

Low-risk loans but high interest rates


15 September 2020

Foster parents distraught after not receiving grants this month

6,000 grants not paid due to “technical glitch”


11 September 2020

Loan shark steals SASSA cards in Eastern Cape

Beneficiaries forced to change PINs


9 September 2020